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Isuzu vehicles are engineered to triumph over any obstacle that the great outdoors or urban landscape presents. At Tougher, we strive to match that by crafting robust, breathable, comfortable, and long-lasting seat covers and accessories that safeguard your Isuzu’s interior against these challenging conditions. Our products are designed to preserve your vehicle’s original upholstery during all your expeditions and daily activities.

TOUGHER employs a one-of-a-kind Polycotton Canvas material for their seat covers that boasts exceptional toughness. Crafted from 100% genuine cotton, the fabric delivers a refreshing, cool, and cozy sensation, while the distinctive polycotton combination bolsters the fabric’s dimensional stability, preventing shrinkage, and enhances its durability. The fabric is also fortified with a specialized water-repellent coating to provide extra protection.

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