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How do I place an order?

You can shop online via our website or if you would like to place an order and talk with us, please email us on info@tougher.co.za with your vehicle make, model and year and let us know what you are looking for.

How long does a delivery typically take?

If your items are in stock we dispatch the same day. You can expect it to be delivered in 3 – 5 working days with an economy door to door courier service which is included with any purchase over R2500.

If your item is out of stock please allow 7-10 workings days.

If you have any queries please contact 021 879 3304 or email us on: info@tougher.co.za 

How can I pay for my purchase?

We offer card payment options on site or alternatively you can EFT.

If you are an overseas customer please email us at info@tougher.co.za for payment options. 

Overseas Shipping?

At TOUGHER, we ship all over the world. Please email Bryan at info@tougher.co.za with all your address details so we can find the best shipping option for you. 

Shipping and delivery?

At TOUGHER, for all sales in excess of R2500 we offer a free Economy door-to-door courier service to any South African street address. For sales of less than R2500, a R150 courier charge will be added to your invoice. Orders are delivered between 1 to 3 working days from the time of dispatch from our factory in Cape Town. Outlying areas may take an extra day.


At TOUGHER we stand by a 3 year warranty. Our warranty is valid for 3 years as we believe our product is of excellent workmanship and quality. Please note that this warranty is limited to workmanship and faulty fabric only. For standard wear and tear we have a free panel replacement policy.

Please contact us with any queries on info@tougher.co.za


We trust you will love our product but if for whatever reason you have your doubts please contact us within 48hours of your purchase on 021 879 3304 or email info@tougher.co.za for further information on our returns policy.

Please note: Soiled goods cannot be returned/refunded.

Are TOUGHER seatcovers waterproof?

Our seat covers are breathable and are coated with a water repellant technical coating. They are tried and tested by hardworking legends in many different work fields – farmers, contractors, surfers, plumbers, truck drivers, builders, hunters, workers and adventurers. 

Are TOUGHER seatcovers airbag compliant?

Across our range we use a sacrificial seam on the airbag side, although completely closed up, a specific thread is used that is designed to rupture in the event of the bags being deployed, much like the seam on the original seat. However, although every effort is made to manufacture and supply a safe airbag compatible seat cover, due to circumstances out of our control TOUGHER accepts no responsibility or liability in any event where the seat side mounted airbag does not rupture the airbag seam in the seat cover or deploy correctly in the event of any accident.


How do I clean my car seat covers?

Your seat covers work hard so it is important to give them a little TLC to keep them working just as hard as you are playing. 

TOUGHER seat covers are made from a technical breathable cotton canvas blend and should only be washed in the good old fashioned way.
· Soak them overnight in bleach free detergent
· Wash them by hand 
· Rinse the soap out 
· Allow them to dry in the shade
· Iron while still slightly damp to reactivate the water repellant coating.
· DO NOT machine wash
· DO NOT tumble dry
· ONLY use cold water, NEVER HOT

How do I fit my TOUGHER car seat covers?

It’s important to make sure you fit your Tougher seat covers correctly. They are made to fit snugly. Read our comprehensive guide to fitting your TOUGHER car seat covers here.  Alternatively, you can watch our fitment video below.

Please read our Ineos Grenadier specific Fitment Instructions here

Where are TOUGHER seat covers made?

TOUGHER seat covers and accessories are made in South Africa! They are 100% made locally in our beautiful city of Cape Town. Our factory is in a small suburb called Diep River, 30 minutes from the city centre. We can see Table Mountain from where we work.

Are they a custom fit or universal fit?

Custom fit all the way! Our patterns are made the old school way for a real tailor made custom fit. Customers love them for their snug fit.

What fabric do you use to make your car seat covers?

TOUGHER only works with the highest quality, hard wearing materials to create our robust and durable seat covers. We use unique tough Polycotton Canvas fabric for our seat covers. 100% Authentic cotton provides a breathable, cool and comfortable feel, while the unique blend of polycotton enhances the dimensional stability ( prevents shrinkage)  and durability. The fabric is further enhanced with a water repellant technical coating.


What is the difference between cotton and polycotton fabric?

Polycotton is harder wearing than cotton. This is why we began using polycotton fabric first. Some people prefer the cotton canvas fabric because the weave looks and appears harder wearing than the polycotton, but it in fact it isn’t. It comes down to personal preference in appearance as it is a thicker weave.

Who designs your products?

All TOUGHER products are designed, manufactured and tested by our TOUGHER team in Cape Town. The team has been in the seat cover industry for a combined period of over 60 years. We can say with confidence we are one of the most experienced teams in the business and understand and know how tough South African’s can be with their vehicle’s. 


How long do they last?

It depends on what kind of work you do, how hard you play and just how rough you are on your vehicle. We have tested our products and they withstand some hard wear and tear for years. Our TOUGHER Seat covers have a 3 year warranty. To find out more about our warranty click here.

What vehicle models do your seat covers fit?

We make seat covers for the most popular vehicles that hard working legends drive. Select models of Ford, Suzuki, Ineos, Nissan, Isuzu and Toyota. Please email us on info@tougher.co.za if you have a specific request.

Do you make custom car seat covers?

Everything is possible! Email us on info@tougher.co.za

What colour options do you offer?

We have Charcoal and Light Khaki Polycotton as our two colour options. Please see our video section and you will be able to see both.

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