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At TOUGHER, we understand the essence of rugged, reliable vehicles like the Ineos car. Our commitment to quality and durability drives us to create exceptional seat covers and accessories, meticulously engineered to safeguard your Ineos’s interior, even in the harshest and messiest of conditions. With Tougher, your vehicle’s upholstery remains as resilient as the day it rolled off the assembly line, ensuring that Ineos and our products are the perfect match.

FABRIC: Tougher’s Seat Covers are meticulously crafted from a proprietary Polycotton Canvas material, renowned for its unparalleled strength and resilience. Comprising 100% authentic cotton, this fabric not only offers a refreshing, breathable, and comfortable feel but also benefits from the unique polycotton blend, reinforcing dimensional stability and preventing unsightly shrinkage. What sets our fabric apart is its specialized water-repellent coating, delivering an additional layer of defense against the elements, further enhancing its durability and ensuring your Ineos stays in prime condition throughout your adventures and daily journeys.

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