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We are Mark and Tatum, a husband-and-wife team, and founders of TOUGHER. Our story began on the banks of the Orange river in 1994 when we met as river guides. As founders we have adventured, guided, and done all things outdoor for as long as we can remember. Building a passion for the importance of quality gear over 15 years, we have no choice but to know your needs and deliver the best in endurance and quality. While Mark focuses on the detail of production, pattern making and systems, Tatum focuses on maintaining our well-known excellent customer service and a happy team.


Our team is like family. We’ve been through the good, the bad and the ugly but come out tougher than ever. We are also proud to work with a group of highly skilled South African artisans: skilled machinists, pattern makers and designers.


We design seat covers and accessories for Toyota, Ford, Suzuki, Nissan, Ineos and Isuzu vehicles. Our unrivalled quality, superb endurance and impressive performance make our product the obvious choice for all your adventures.


Rigorous Testing

Our seat covers and vehicle accessories are what we like to call “life-proof.” They have been put through rigorous testing with hard working farmers, contractors, big wave surfers, plumbers, truck drivers, builders, families, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. For this reason, we stand by our staunch 3 year warranty – we believe in what we do.

Artisanal approach = Quality Control Up Close and Personal

Manufacturing our own seat covers allows us to have 100% control over the quality of products. We use only the best fabric and the best team to design, sew and manufacture, and give you the expertise you deserve.

3 Year Warranty

We trust our product, mean what we say and keep our promises. Get as rugged as you like – we won’t let you down. The Tougher team is proudly South African and values the unique culture, lifestyle and mindset of our rainbow nation. We look forward to meeting you. Yours in adventure, Tougher Team

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